Krista thought for a long time that her husband was cheating on her until she finally decided to look into the partner’s cell phone to find out exactly what he was doing. However, the discovery left her speechless …

Every woman thinks at least once in a lifetime that her husband is cheating on her and thereby is Krista not the only woman who made such a statement. The typical characteristics of a cheating husband are the late arrivals at home and messages from unknown numbers. Exactly these features represent the beginning of the doubt.

Krista Schulz made the decision to finally dispel the doubt. She controlled her husband’s “company cell phone” and found something different that she could hardly imagine and believe in…

On the screen of her husband’s iPhone 7, she could easily notice the website of One Casino – a casino, which is visited exclusively by German players. In the beginning, Krista was relieved that her husband was not cheating on her but also worried about her husband’s new habit. She continued the search and found that her husband had more than 130,000 euros in his account.

Astonished by the discovery, Krista woke up her husband and wanted to tell him what she discovered and what he achieved. Mark’s answer immediately explained the situation and the questions that had arisen:

“She would never understand something like this, I was sure,” said Mark. “When I discovered the 300 Euro free vouchers on Facebook, I immediately registered. I could not lose anything, on the contrary, instead of losing, I gained more and more new profits. How could I tell her that? These winnings will bring us a new car and also help us make the trip we’ve been planning for a long time. ”

Great, Mark! We believe that you will not waste a single minute redeeming your winnings and that you will enjoy these great winnings with your wife!

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